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Kramer VP-771

9:1×4 ProScale Presentation Switcher/Scaler with Fade Through Black switching

2 × HDMI, 2 × VGA,1 × Component, 2 × Composite, 1 × DisplayPort, 1 × SD/HD/3G-SDI inputs; 1 × VGA,1 × SD/HD/3G-SDI, 1 × HDMI, 1 × DGKat outputs

£2319 (£2782.80 inc. VAT)
Availability: 3-5 days

Kramer VP-771 (70-710230140)

The Kramer VP-771 is a high-quality presentation switcher and scaler for a variety of signals. It accepts one of nine inputs: component video, DisplayPort (DP), 3G HD-SDI, two computer graphics, two composite video and two HDMI signals. It scales the video, embeds the audio, and outputs the signal to one HDMI, one computer graphics, one 3G HD-SDI and one DGKat TP, together with digital audio, unbalanced stereo and a 2x10-watt amplified balanced stereo speaker output.

Kramer VP-771 Key Features

  • K-IIT XL™ Picture-in-Picture Image Insertion Technology — Ultra-stable picture-in-picture, picture-and-picture, and split screen capability. Any video source can be inserted into or positioned next to any other video source with full window positioning and sizing controls.
  • Kramer's PixPerfect Scaling Technology — Kramer's precision pixel mapping and high quality scaling technology. High-quality 3:2 and 2:2 pull down de-interlacing and full up and down scaling of all video input signals.
  • Ultra-Fast Fade-Thru-Black (FTB™) Switching — Video switching transitions are clean and ultra fast. The video fades to black and the new input fades from black for smooth, glitch-free switching. The output signal provides constant sync so the display never glitches.
  • Advanced Deinterlacing Functions — Method, sync, selectable film modes, diagonal correction and motion detection sensitivity, 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down; 24sf handling.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • HDCP Compliant — The HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) license agreement allows copy-protected data on the HDMI input to pass only to the HDMI output.
  • Multi-Standard Operation — SDI (SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 344M), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M).
  • Advanced Input and Output EDID Management.
  • Mass Notification Emergency Communication System (MNEC) — Activates a national or campus-wide notification, immediately displayed when an emergency situation develops. It uses automatic text overlaying, either via a crawler or a full screen cover up, as well as an optional audio alert.
  • DGKat™ Signal Integration — Kramer's unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables.
  • System Range — Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i @60hz or up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p @ 60hz when using Kramer DGKat cables.
  • Note: Transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used. If using third-party shielded CAT cables, both ends of the shield must be soldered to the connectors for the products to function properly.
  • Video Inputs — Component (Y, Pb, Pr) video on RCA connectors, DisplayPort (DP), SD/HD/3G HD-SDI (including SDI loop) on BNC connectors, 2 computer graphics on 15-pin HD connectors, 2 composite video on RCA connectors and 2 HDMI.
  • Scaled Outputs — HDMI, computer graphics on a 15-pin HD connector, SD/HD/3G HD-SDI on a BNC connector and DGKat twisted pair on an RJ-45 connector.
  • SDI Channeling — Select one active signal and three bypassed signals from eight embedded stereo audio channels.
  • Multiple Output Resolutions — Up to 2K and 1080p.
  • HDMI Deep colour Support.
  • Luma Keying — Via PIP window.
  • Vertical Keystoning.
  • Built-in ProcAmp — colour, sharpness, contrast, brightness and gamma are set individually for each input.
  • 3D Comb Filtering — Provides the best quality colour separation for composite video inputs.
  • Built-in Time Base Corrector — Stabilizes unstable video sources.
  • Powerful Noise Reduction Filters — Temporal, block, mosquito and combing.
  • Picture Zooming — Both on main and PIP window from 100% to 1600%, including separate V and H sharpness control.
  • Multiple Aspect Ratio Selections — Follow input, follow output, best fit, letterbox and overscan.
  • Dual Window Display — Preset picture-in-picture, picture-and-picture and split screens, as well as customized window layouts.
  • Audio Inputs — 2 HDMI, 2 computer graphics and 1 DisplayPort and 1 microphone in on 3.5mm mini jacks; 2 CV and 1 S/PDIF on RCA connectors.
  • Audio Outputs — 1 S/PDIF on an RCA connector, 1 unbalanced stereo audio on a 3-pin terminal block connector.
  • Built-in Audio Power Amplifier — 10W per channel audio amplifier with speaker outputs.
  • HDMI Audio — Embeds/de-embeds HDMI audio with delay of 0-90msec for lip-sync correction.
  • Microphone Input — Supports mix and talk-over features, as well as 0-90msec delay to prevent feedback.
  • Non-Volatile Memory — Saves final settings.
  • Firmware Upgrades — Via Ethernet and RS-232.
  • Multiple Control Options — Front panel buttons, contact closure, OSD (on-screen display) via front panel buttons or IR remote (remote control included), Control Application software for use via Ethernet and RS-232.
  • Selectable Power Save Modes.
  • Universal Power Supply — 100-240V AC.
  • 7 year warranty (Click Here for details)
  • Order Code: 70-710230140

Kramer VP-771 Downloads

Audio Switching
Fade through black switching
Down Converter
Lipsync correction
2K 2048*1080 Resolution
Time Base Corrector

Kramer VP-771 Specifications


Inputs 2 × HDMI (deep colour) connectors,
2 × VGA on 15-pin HD connectors,
1 × component video on 3 RCA connectors,
2 × composite video on RCA connectors,
1 × DisplayPort connector,
1 × SD/HD/3G HD-SDI plus loop a BNC connector,
2 × HDMI, 2 VGA, 1 DP, 2 CV unbalanced stereo audio on 3.5mm mini jack connectors,
1 × S/PDIF (for component video input) digital audio on an RCA connector,
1 × mic on a 3.5mm mini jack connector
Outputs 1 × VGA on a 15-pin HD connector,
1 × SD/HD/3G HD-SDI on a BNC connector,
1 × HDMI (deep colour) connector,
1 × DGKat on an RJ-45 connector,
1 × S/PDIF digital audio on an RCA connector,
1 × unbalanced stereo audio on a 3-pin terminal block connector,
2 × 10W speaker amplifier balanced stereo audio on terminal block connectors

Video Specifications

Compliance With Standards Supports HDMI (deep colour) and HDCP
DisplayPort 1.1a
Output Resolutions VGA (640×480)@60Hz/75Hz
SVGA (800×600)@50Hz/60Hz/75Hz
XGA (1024×768)@50Hz/60Hz/75Hz
WXGA (1280×768)@50Hz/60Hz
WXGA (1280×800)@60Hz
SXGA (1280×1024)@50Hz/60Hz/75Hz
WXGA (1360×768)@60Hz
WXGA (1366×768)@50Hz/60Hz
SXGA+ (1400×1050)@50Hz/60Hz
HD+ (1600×900)@60Hz
UXGA (1600×1200)@50Hz/60Hz
WSXGA+ (1680×1050)@60Hz
WUXGA (1920×1200)@60Hz
480i (NTSC Interlaced)@60Hz
480p (NTSC Progressive)@60Hz
576i (PAL Interlaced)@50Hz
576p (PAL Progressive)@50Hz
720p (1280×720 progressive)@50Hz/59.94Hz/60Hz
1080p (Full HD 1920×1080 progressive)@23.976Hz/24Hz/25Hz/29.97Hz/30Hz/50Hz/59.94Hz/60Hz
2K (2048×1080)@60Hz/50Hz


Controls Front panel buttons, OSD, IR remote control, RS-232 on a 9-pin D-sub connector, Ethernet, contact closure
Power 100-240V AC, 56VA max
In The Box VP-771, Power cord, rack "ears", IR remote control
Product Dimension 19×9.34 × 1U (43.6×23.72×4.36cm) W×D×H
Product Weight 2.5kg (5.5lbs) approx.
Shipping Dimension 52.50×33.00×10.70cm (20.67×12.99×4.21") W×D×H
Shipping Weight 3.6kg (7.9lbs) approx.


Operating Temp. 0° to +40°C (32° to 104°F)
Storage Temp. -40° to +70°C (-49° to 158°F)
Humidity 10% to 90%, RHL non-condensing

Kramer VP-771 Usage Diagram

Kramer VP-771 Usage Diagram

Kramer VP-771 Possible Alternatives

Product CodeDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer VP-550X 10:1 × 2 18G 4K HDMI 2.0 / USB-C / VGA presentation switcher and scaler with audio 7 × HDMI 2.0, 1 × USB-C, 1 × VGA, 1 × CV Inputs; 2 × HDMI outputs; £1389 £1666.80
Kramer VP-551X 10:1 × 2 18G 4K HDMI 2.0 presentation switcher and scaler with audio 8 × HDMI, 1 × VGA, 1 × Composite inputs; 1 × HDMI, 1 × HDBaseT outputs £1880 £2256.00
Kramer VP-554X 11 × 4 Matrix HDMI/HDBaseT presentation switcher/scaler 6 × HDMI, 4 × HDBaseT, 1 × VGA inputs; 4 × HDMI+HDBaseT outputs; 4-way USB Switcher, HDBaseT PoE, 2 × 2 Videowall option £5667 £6800.40
Kramer VP-770 8:1 × 3 ProScale Presentation Switcher/Scaler with Fade Through Black switching2 × HDMI, 2 × VGA, 1 × Component, 2 × Composite,1 × DisplayPort inputs; 1 × VGA, 1 × HDMI, 1 × DGKat outputs £1686 £2023.20
Kramer VP-778 8:1 × 4 or 2 × 2 4K ProScale Presentation Matrix Switcher/Dual Scaler 4 × HDMI, 2 × HDBaseT, 2 × DVI-U inputs; 2 × HDMI, 2 × HDBaseT outputs £3442 £4130.40