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tvONE C2-2855

6:1×3 Universal Up/Down/Cross Scaler with P-in-P, Chromakey and Lumakey

1×3G/HD/SD SDI, 1 × RGBHV, 1 × S-video, 1x composite, 1 × HDMI, 1 × DVI-U inputs and 1 × HDMI, 1 × DVI-U, 1×3G/HD/SD SDI outputs

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tvONE C2-2855

The C2-2855 Universal Scaler Plus is a compact and easy to use universal scaler, switcher and format converter. Living up to the name “universal,” the C2-2855 uses tvONE’s exclusive CORIO®2 scaling engine and can work with HDMI, Universal DVI, YC, YUV, YPbPr, and RGB inputs and outputs, along with the ability to store still images and logos. Full bandwidth, 4:4:4 chroma sampling ensures faithfully reproduces high resolution colors across a wide range of resolutions ranging from 640x480 to 1920x1200 at 60 hz, making the C2-2855 ideal for almost any application or environment.

User-defined Presets are readily available for instant, on-the-fly adjustment to diverse customized applications. Advanced features include auto-switching, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functionality, variable 10x zoom, image cropping, keying, borders, video transitions and genlock. Embedded audio support allows any audio input to be embedded on all outputs which support embedded audio data (HDMI/DVI-U/SDI).

With a crystal-clear OLED display and backlit color control panel, setting up the device becomes effortless. Alternatively, you can use a the CORIOtools Windows interface to set up and control the unit remotely or alternatively use the IP or RS232 connectivity as a direct control interface for 3rd party control systems.

The unit is housed in a metal, desktop case and can be rack-mounted with an optional 19-inch rack mounting kit that holds one or two units for installation where space is at a premium.

tvONE C2-2855 Key Features

Audio Switching
Fade through black switching
Down Converter
SDI/HD-SDI input
SDI/HD-SDI output
4:4:4 Chroma sampling

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