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1:1 DVI over fibre optic transmitter and reciever
max 600m. excludes cables

£574 (£688.80 inc. VAT)
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Gefen EXT-DVI-FMP Description

DVI Extension for Computers -- Elegant and Reliable
The DVI FMP Extender extends your DVI display up to 2000 feet away from your source, with only two tiny transmitters and receivers required, using a 100% optical fiber solution. It's a great way to extend DVI video easily and unobtrusively.

How It Works
The DVI FMP sender unit plugs into your computer. The DVI FMP receiver unit plugs into your DVI display - up to 2000 feet away. Multi mode LC fiber optic cable (4 strand) connect the DVI FMP sender and the DVI FMP receiver units to each other.

Breakthrough Auto-EDID programming technology quickly and easily collects and preserves monitor resolution/capability information inside the DVI FMP Sender, so that the computer properly syncs up with the display at all times and "knows what it is connecting to" -- eliminating the necessity of an add-on device such as Gefen's DVI Detective.

All-fiber signal transmission media insures that the video signal possesses complete EMI (electromagnetic interference) invulnerability.

Gefen EXT-DVI-FMP Key Features

  • Extends any DVI (Digital Visual Interface)-compliant device up to 2000 ft (600 m) from the computer
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p, 2K, and 1920 x 1200
  • Uses inexpensive and widely available four-strand multimode LC fiber optic cable
  • Automatic EDID Programming feature enables quick and correct sync of source to display
  • Invulnerability to electromagnetic influences (EMI), thanks to all-fiber construction.
  • Saves space on your desktop and Increases Productivity
  • Eliminates computer noise where you work
  • Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors

Gefen EXT-DVI-FMP Specifications

Video Amplifier Bandwidth 165 MHz
Input Video Signal 1.2 volts p-p
Input Ddc Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
DVI Connector Type DVI-D (19 pin) male
Link Connector LC
Power Supply 5V DC
Power Consumption 2.5 Watts (max.) per power supply
Dimensions 2.2" D x 0.5" H x 1.5"W
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.
In the box One DVI FM Sender Unit
One DVI FM Receiver Unit
Two 5V Power Supply
One User Manual

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