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This is my first projector. Where do I start?

Trying to find the right projector for your home can very quickly get very confusing. There are so many out there, each making claims of excellence and so many reviews that seem to contradict each other that making a choice can seem impossible. Projector technology is fast moving (although not quite as fast as in the early days) so when is the right time to buy?

There are a few decisions you need to make which will help narrow the choice down:

  • What is your budget?

  • What image size would you like?

  • What is your throw distance?

  • What are your ambient light conditions like?

The first question is one only you can answer but we got advice and tools to help with the rest. In order to make things as clear as possible we've seperated to questions to their own question is the FAQ so to continue click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Cinema Projectors

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This is my first projector. Where do I start?
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What about throw distance?
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