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Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC

1:1 AV Over IP Scaling Multimedia Decoder with USB KVM, RS-232 and IR

£700 (£840.00 inc. VAT)
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Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC (91810003)

VINX-110-HDMI-DEC is a LAN based decoder multimedia AV Over IP device to extend HDMI video from a remote source to a local sink. The VINX encoder and decoder devices connect either via a direct CATx cable connection, or through a Gigabit Ethernet Switch in between. The maximum delivery distance can reach up to 100 m with minimal latency and employing a quality, proprietary wavelet transform based image compression.

The maximum supported resolution is 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz with 7.1 audio.

VINX devices support both static and dynamic (DHCP) IP address settings. 100 factory EDID presets and five user EDIDs are stored in the decoder. These units feature embedded web for control.

Front panel DIP switches serve quick manual setting for pairing maximum 15 encoder devices to decoders over the network, a quick and easy installation advantage for digital signage applications. Pair any number of devices using the built-in web control. Gap and bezel compensation can be adjusted for video walls. Scaling is available on the decoder side and videos can be freely cropped. With the help of the VINX Video Wall Wizard, installation of a video wall can be reduced to one tenth of the usual time needed on average when using similar, third party products.

Network Requirements

1Gb Ethernet network with Layer 3 switch (IGMPv2, IGMP Snooping, IGMP Fast Leave, Jumbo Frame Support, Multicast Filtering).

See also: Lightware VINX-120-HDMI-ENC.

Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC Key Features

  • 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz resolution over a 1 Gigabit network with very low latency
  • Up to HDMI 2.0 4K 2160p@60Hz 4:2:0 Video Input supported
  • Audio supports LPCM and Dolby Digital /Dolby Digital Plus/DTS/ Dolby TruHD/DTS-HD bit stream
  • HDCP compliant
  • Local HDMI port for monitoring on the TX
  • Variable maximum bit rate (10 Mbps ~ 800 Mbps)
  • USB HID and USB 2.0 mass storage support
  • LED feedbacks, DIP switches and physical buttons for quick and easy setup and operation
  • Embedded web control, direct and networked control via PC
  • The device can be controlled via Lightware's proprietary LW3 protocol commands
  • Gap and bezel compensation for video wall applications, cropping adjustment capability, Video Wall Wizard
  • Output video signal scaling to adjust to sink properties
  • Order Code: 91810003

Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC Specifications

Component Type Decoder (Receiver)

Dimensions (l X W Xh) 140 x 119 x 26 mm

Av Interface HDMI Female (Out)

USB Device Mni USB Type B

Tx/rx Connector RJ45 Female

Switch 4 Position Dip Switch

Ir 3.5 mm Jack Female

RS-232 RJ12 Female

Max. Image Resolution 3840 x 2160 @30Hz

Power Adapter DC 5V

Operation Temperature 0-40°C

Storage Temperature -20-60°C

Humidity 0-90% RH, Non-condensing

Weight 310g

Housing Metal Enclosure

Safety/emission CE, FCC

Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC Usage Diagram

Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC Usage Diagram

Lightware VINX-110-HDMI-DEC Possible Alternatives

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