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Sapphire Tab Tensioned SETTS350WSF-AW10RP Projector Screen

Key Features

  • Channel fixing system for easy installation
  • Black borders all round
  • Black backing
  • 2.7m of power cable with standard UK plug
  • ISF Certified
  • Ships with 10m trigger cable (for 12v output enabled projectors)
  • Includes IR remote control and extender
  • Bare RS232 cables
  • Ideal for short and ultra-short throw projectors
  • 5 year warranty
Type: Tab Tensioned Electric
Diagonal: 162" (4.12m)
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (1.6:1)
Viewable Area: 11' 5" x 7' 1" (349.8 x 218.6cm)
Finish: Rear Projection

Sapphire Tab Tensioned Electric Projector Screen with handheld Infra Red remote control and 10m Trigger Cable.

Ideal for board rooms and conference rooms.

With a unique tension system, the screen surface is taut and tensioned at every point to ensure a perfect projection surface.

Sapphire Matt White is a special designed PVC material to help capture a flawless and outstanding image. The screen is coated with micron diamond optical microgrooves to help produce a 4K resolution.

£2176 (£2611.20 inc. VAT)
Availability: 3-4 Weeks

Sapphire SETTS350WSF-AW10RP

Select A Projector to view throw distance from the Sapphire SETTS350WSF-AW10RP
Projector Min. Throw Max Throw Foot Lamberts
Please note that throw figures can vary within manufacturing tolerances

Sapphire SETTS350WSF-AW10RP Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions

Metric Imperial
Width 3498mm 137.7"
Height 2186mm 86.1"
Diagonal 4124mm 162.4"
Area 7.65m² 82.31'

Overall Material Surface Dimensions

Width 3658mm 144.0"
Height 2651mm 104.4"
Diagonal 4517mm 177.9"
Top Border Size 400mm 15.75"
Bottom Border 65mm 2.56"
Left & Right Border Size 80mm 3.15"
Area 9.70m² 104.38'

Case Dimensions

Length 3988mm 157.0"
Height 143mm 5.6"
Depth 135mm 5.3"

Surface Specifications

Surface Finish Rear Projection
Gain 1.8
Viewing Angle 140°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 21.87 / 1000
cd/m2 (nits) / ANSI Lumen 74.93 / 1000

Additional Information

Weight 50.00kg.
Suggested Max. Viewing Distance 8.7m for fine detail
13.1m for text (spreadsheets etc.)
17.5m for video and images
EAN 5060558504196
Case Finish White
Control Switch and IR