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Celexon Electric Professional EP/194X109 Projector Screen

Key Features

  • 5cm black border (left/right/bottom)
  • Top Border adjustable up to 25cm
  • Thick and heavy fabric for excellent flatness of the screen
  • Power: 40W, voltage: 230V, frequency: 50Hz
  • Wall-mounted control box and remote control
  • Ideal for home cinema and business applications with a gain factor of 1.2
  • Adjustable for different aspect ratios
  • Inflammability rating
  • Extremely low-noise motor with stabiliser shaft
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Elegant white casing
Type: Electric
Diagonal: 88" (2.23m)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (1.78:1)
Viewable Area: 6' 4" x 4' 6" (194.0 x 109.0cm)
Finish: Matt White

The Electric Professional screen is a fully equipped motorised projector screen especially suited for well equipped seminar rooms but also provides excellent results in the home cinema applications. The thick and heavy fabric improves the flatness of the screen The screen can be operated comfortably by using the remote control or from a wall-mounted control box. The gain factor of the screen is 1.2 so it is suitable for both LCD and DLP projectors and allows a wide viewing angle. The black back avoids loss of light and adds definition to the projected images. The black border surround improves the contrast and clarity of the picture. Included in the delivery are a control box (wall mounted), a remote control device (plus batteries), the fixings for the wall or ceiling mount as well as a user guide.

£232 (£278.40 inc. VAT)
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Celexon EP/194X109

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Celexon EP/194X109 Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions

Metric Imperial
Width 1940mm 76.4"
Height 1090mm 42.9"
Diagonal 2225mm 87.6"
Area 2.11m² 22.76'

Overall Material Surface Dimensions

Width 2000mm 78.7"
Height 1370mm 53.9"
Diagonal 2424mm 95.4"
Top Border Size 250mm 9.84"
Bottom Border 30mm 1.18"
Left & Right Border Size 30mm 1.18"
Area 2.74m² 29.49'

Case Dimensions

Length 2150mm 84.6"
Height 70mm 2.8"
Depth 70mm 2.8"

Surface Specifications

Surface Finish Matt White
Gain 1.2
Viewing Angle 160°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 52.72 / 1000
cd/m2 (nits) / ANSI Lumen 180.64 / 1000

Additional Information

Weight 14.00kg.
Suggested Viewing Distance 2.65m (for HD/UHD Video)
EAN 4260094731051

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