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Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module for tvONE CORIOmaster products

£2480 (£2976.00 inc. VAT)
Availability: 3-5 days


The Streaming Media Input Module provides CORIOmaster systems with the ability to bring 2 network streams up to 1080p 60 @ 25mbs in to just 1 slot. As well as playback of 4k UHD or 2x 1080p60 video files. The Streaming Media Input Module also supports still images with full 4K rendering. And with at least 40mbs of total bandwidth you can easily provide high quality content to your video wall and projector edge-blend.

Play tvONE CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH Video CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH Product Video

tvONE CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH Specifications

AV over IP

Interface 1 x GbE Ethernet Port
Video Decoding H.264 (Main, High), MPEG4, H.265/HEVC1 (Main)
Bit Rates Up to 25Mbs per stream
Colour Depth 4:2:0, 4:2:2
Supported Resolutions Configurable to 1920x1080p60
Unicast Streams RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, MPEG-TS
Multicast Streams RTSP, MPEG-TS
Control Interface via CORIOgrapher v2

Media Handling

External 1x USB 3.0 Interface
Supported devices Flash file systems FAT, FAT32, ext3, ext4, NTFS
Internal High speed storage up 128GB3 Remote File transfer supported. Maintenance through CORIOgrapher v2
Remote File transfer supported
Maintenance through CORIOgrapher v2


Interfaces USB3.0, Internal Storage, Network
Video Codecs H.264 (CBP, Main, High), H.265/HEVC1 (Main)
Video Formats mp4, mov, mkv, m4v, ts, mts, m2ts, mt2
Playback Bit Rates Single stream to 100Mbs, Dual Streams to 40Mbs
Still Image JPEG, PNG, BMP
File Playback Resolutions Supported Up to 3480x2160 @ 30fps Up to 1
Up to 1080p60@60fps Up to 2
Up to 7680 x 4320 Still Images2
Playback Interface via CORIOgrapher v2

tvONE CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH Compatible Products

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tvONE C3-503 Unpopulated tvONE CORIOmaster micro chassis (3 I/O slots) £1750 £2100.00