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Extron Cable Cubby F55 Edge (70-1296-02)

Cable Cubby F55 Cable Access Encllosure to clamp to edge of desk, finished in black

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The Extron Cable Cubby F55 Edge is a cable access enclosure that mounts AV technology and power to your furniture's surface edge. It is ideal for configurable rooms that require semi-permanent AV connectivity, control, and power. The Cable Cubby® enclosure provides a connection wherever you need it. An integrated clamp system secures the enclosure to furniture without requiring tools or cutting. It accommodates up to four full-size Extron Flex55 or EU modules such as EBP eBUS® button panels, DTP® transmitters, and other connectivity modules. Half-size to double-size modules can be integrated. The enclosure also supports four Extron Retractor or Retractor XL modules. Flex55 AC power outlets are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets. The Cable Cubby F55 Edge is offered in a black or aluminium finish to match any decor.

The Cable Cubby F55 Edge enclosure provides integration-friendly quick assembly and configuration, with Flex55 or EU modules that easily snap into place. The integrated clamp system easily secures the enclosure to the furniture surface without tools. Also, the furniture surface remains unmarked. Simply place the configured enclosure at the desired location and then twist the mounting clamp knobs to lock it in place. The Cable Cubby F55 Edge is compatible with most Extron ZipClip 100, ZipClip 200, and ZipClip 400 mounting kits, as well as the Extron PMK 155 to securely mount products such as the PS Series Desktop Power Supply and other devices directly beneath the enclosure.

The Cable Cubby F55 Edge enclosure is compatible with up to four full-size Flex55 and/or EU modules. The two included Captive Cable Kits feature a split plate that accommodates up to four AV cables. For improved cable management, up to four Retractor modules can be installed in any available full-size opening.

The modular design of the Cable Cubby F55 Edge enclosure enables Flex55 and EU modules to be configured before it is installed. Power modules provide one unswitched AC outlet. An available multi-region AC outlet is compatible with a variety of AC plug types. To support the use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets in AV presentation environments, USB power modules feature one or two USB Type-A and/or one USB Type-C® power outlets for powering or charging. Also available is the Flex55 AC+USB 130 US with one US AC outlet, one USB Type-C connector, and one USB Type-A connector in a double-sized module.

Extron Cable Cubby F55 Edge Key Features