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Audio Distribution

Distribution - Audio
Audio distribution amplifiers allow you to take a single (analogue or digital depending on model) audio signal and distribute it to multiple destinations. If you need to switch between multiple sources to a single destination then take a look at Audio Switching.
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CYP Kramer

Product Description Price Inc. VAT
CYP AU-D12 1:2 Toslink audio splitter £36 £43.20
CYP AU-D14 1:4 Toslink audio splitter £41 £49.20
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Kramer 106 1:2 Microphone Line & Distribution Amplifier £85 £102.00
Kramer 105A 1:5 Audio Distribution Amplifier £93 £111.60
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Kramer VM-50AN 1:5 Audio Distribution Amplifier £108 £129.60
CYP AU-D820S 8:20 Digital Audio Switchable Distribution Amplifier
Switch between 4 Digital Coaxial inputs and 4 Digital Optical audio inputs and distribute to 10 Digital Coaxial and 10 Digital Optical outputs
£182 £218.40
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Kramer VM-1110xl 1:10 Balanced Audio Distribution Amplifier £319 £382.80
Kramer VM-1610 1:10 Balanced Audio Stereo Distribution Amplifier £326 £391.20
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Kramer VA-8xl 8:8 Channel Balanced Stereo Audio Amplifier
Rack mountable
£506 £607.20
Kramer VM-1120 1:10 Balanced stereo Audio Distributor £521 £625.20
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