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Av Equipment Rack Mounts from Kramer

Component Accessories - Rack Mounts
Enclosures and adaptors to allow the rack mounting of various component.


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Product Description Price Inc. VAT
Kramer RK-1 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Selected Desktop & MultiTOOLS £46 £55.20
Kramer RK-13 19-Inch Rack Adapter 3 x Desktop Size units £46 £55.20
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Kramer RK-19N Mounting Brackets to Install a Single Kramer Product Under a Table £31 £37.20
Kramer RK-21 19 inch Rack Adapter for desktop units £47 £56.40
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Kramer RK-3T 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Kramer TOOLS
For 3 TOOLS or DigiTOOLS
£38 £45.60
Kramer RK-3T-B Rack Adapter 3 x Tools new shape and black colour £63 £75.60
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Kramer RK-4PT 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Pico TOOLS £46 £55.20
Kramer RK-4PT-B Rack Adapter 4 x PicoTools new shape and black colour £71 £85.20
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Kramer RK-622 Rack Adapter for 622T/R £54 £64.80
Kramer RK-T2B 19-Inch Rack Adapter for MegaTOOLS £46 £55.20
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Kramer RK-T2SB 19-Inch Rack Adapter for TOOLS & MegaTOOLS £46 £55.20
Kramer RK-UT1 19-Inch Under the Table Shelf for Selected Desktop & MultiTOOLS £62 £74.40
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Kramer RK-WP16 Rack Adapter
16 single / 8 double Wall Plate Inserts
£54 £64.80
Kramer RK-WP6 19-Inch Rack Adapter for Single Wall Plate Inserts £38 £45.60
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