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  • Quality Construction - Each coax has a 28 gauge solid center conductor and dual shield design consisting of copper braid and mylar/foil. Coax jackets are color-coded red, green, blue, yellow, black. Rugged and flexible jacket with internal rip cord and sequential markings every meter.
  • Universal Compatibility - Compatible with Kramer's compression connectors as well as typical crimp systems.
  • Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in 100 and 300 meter reels (330 and 990ft.).
£539 (£646.80 inc. VAT)
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Kramer BC-5X Other Lengths

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer BC-5X-100M 100.0m 75 ohm 5-mini coaxial cable for RGBHV £182 £218.40

Kramer BC-5X-300M Possible Alternatives

ProductDescriptionPriceInc. VAT
Kramer BC-1X-300M 300.0m RG-6 Single Coax High Resolution Cable £149 £178.80
Kramer BC-1T-300M 300.0m Shielded Pair: 20 AWG Audio or Control Bulk Cable £130 £156.00
Kramer BC-2T-300M 300.0m 2 x Shielded Twisted Pair 20AWG Cable for mic/line level audio £221 £265.20
Kramer BC-2S-300M 300.0m 2-core 16AWG Speaker Cable £169 £202.80
Kramer BC-XTP-300M 300.0m Skew Free twisted pair cable £156 £187.20
Kramer BC-RG63G-305M 305.0m RG-6 Single Coax Optimised for 3G HD-SDI £442 £530.40
Kramer BC-2S12/LSHF-300M 300.0m 2 core 12AWG Speaker cable - LSHF £0 £0.00
Kramer BC-2S14/LSHF-300M 300.0m 2 core 14AWG Speaker cable - LSHF £0 £0.00
Kramer BC-UNIKat/LSHF-305M 305.0m UNIKat cable for DGKAT, HDBaseT and LAN applications £259 £310.80
Kramer BC-UNIKat/LSHF/BK-305M 305.0m UNIKat cable for DGKAT, HDBaseT and LAN applications £259 £310.80
Kramer BC-UNIKAT/B2ca-305M 305.0m UNIKat cable for DGKAT, HDBaseT & LAN applications-LSHF (in BLACK Jacket) £292 £350.40