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AV Stumpfl VarioClip Lock BCL-AW325/R10 Projector Screen

Diagonal: 142" (3.60m)
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (1.6:1)
Viewable Area: 10' 0" x 6' 3" (305.0 x 191.0cm)
Finish: AV Stumpfl Flex White CI
  • Variable size through plug-in modules
  • QuikClip technology means no studs or press snaps
  • Rotational locking mechanism for frame
  • Adjustable surface tension
  • 5 year warranty
  • Custom sizes available
VarioClip is the world's first mobile projection screen featuring a full clean profile without studs and press snaps. Surface tension can be adjusted to ambient temperature with best frame stability and accuracy. 5 Year Warranty included. With the VarioClip Lock screens, the plug-in elements feature a quick locking mechanism. With a swift 90° turn the element connection is locked and a stable connection is established. This connection is recommended for larger projection screens and a so called flying set up above the stage. VarioClip can be made to measure since it is a modular system consisting of a basic frame that can be sized to any format by adding or removing plug in elements. Thanks to its snap pattern free design VarioClip frame elements have no fixed part order.
£2109 (£2530.80 inc. VAT)
Availability: In Stock

AV Stumpfl BCL-AW325/R10

Select A Projector to view throw distance from the AV Stumpfl BCL-AW325/R10
Projector Min. Throw Max Throw Foot Lamberts
Please note that throw figures can vary within manufacturing tolerances

AV Stumpfl BCL-AW325/R10 Specifications

Viewable Screen Dimensions Metric Imperial
Width 3050mm 120.1"
Height 1910mm 75.2"
Diagonal 3598mm 141.7"
Area 5.83m² 62.71'
Overall Material Surface Dimensions
Width 3250mm 128.0"
Height 2110mm 83.1"
Diagonal 3874mm 152.6"
Top Border Size 100mm 3.94"
Bottom Border 100mm 3.94"
Left & Right Border Size 100mm 3.94"
Area 6.86m² 73.81'
Surface Specifications
Surface Finish AV Stumpfl Flex White CI
Gain 1.02
Viewing Angle 100°
Foot Lamberts / ANSI Lumen 16.27 / 1000
Lux / ANSI Lumen 175.09 / 1000
Additional Information
Weight 40.00kg.

AV Stumpfl Flex White CI Projection Surface

PVC material with matt white front surface and grey rear surface. Vivid colour reproduction and designed for resolutions up to 8K+. Flexible and foldable, flame retardent and non-aging. Clean with water or mild soap water.

AV Stumpfl Monoblox/Vario/VarioClip 32 Accessories

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AV Stumpfl BFZ-EF/32 Stumpfl EasyFly S32 suspension bracket with eyelet
(single for either Monoblox S32 or Vario S32)
£51 £61.20

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