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Extron VTG 300R (60-543-02)

Handheld Battery Powered Video and Audio Test Pattern Generator
Composite, S-Video and RGBHV output

Extron VTG 300R product image

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The Extron VTG 300 and VTG 300R are handheld, battery-operated video and audio test generators featuring high resolution computer-video, plasma, HDTV, and 16:9 rates, as well as standard definition NTSC or PAL video rates for RGB, component video, S-video, and composite video. The VTG 300R features a fixed rechargeable battery with an internal charger, while the VTG 300 operates on four AA batteries. Both models can be AC powered when the included external power supply is connected. When fully charged, the VTG 300R can operate continuously for up to approximately 5 hours. Each product is lightweight and compact for portable field use or bench testing. As versatile, broadcast quality reference tools, these test generators can be used for projector set-up, performance evaluation, alignment, convergence, calibration, synchronization, troubleshooting, and accurate video and audio signal reproduction in professional A/V applications.

The VTG 300 and VTG 300R feature streamlined user interfaces with easy-to-read, backlit LCD displays and rubber pushbuttons for direct and simple access to video and audio functions. The 13 video test patterns can be used with any of the 34 video scan rates. An integrated audio tone generator includes six audio test signals on a balanced XLR connector, as well as unbalanced on a female RCA connector and 3.5 mm dual-channel mono mini jack. When the test generator is turned off, the most recent settings are stored and automatically recalled when the unit is turned on again. The VTG 300 and VTG 300R are housed in compact, rugged enclosures. Each comes with a protective rubber boot to guard against severe environments and prolong the lifespan of the test generator. The boot is also reversible to cover and protect the front of the unit when not in use.

Extron VTG 300R Key Features

  • Video outputs: RGBHV on a 15-pin HD connector, S-video on a 4-pin mini DIN connector, and composite video on a BNC connector
  • Audio outputs: 3-pin XLR connector, RCA connector, and 3.5 mm mini stereo audio jack
  • Handheld & battery-powered
  • VTG 300 powered using four AA batteries, not included
  • VTG 300R powered by rechargeable battery with integrated charger When the power supply is connected, the battery can be recharged while the VTG 300R is in operation. Fully charged in eight hours, the VTG 300R can provide up to five hours of continuous operation.
  • 13 video test patterns Included are 32 x 24 and 32 x 18 crosshatch patterns, H pattern, SMPTE color bars, EBU color bars, 8-color split bars, 32-level split grayscale, ramp, alternating pixels, multiburst, 20% window, 80% window, and flat field - all the essential patterns for accurately testing and calibrating a display.
  • Six audio test signals Test signals for the VTG 300 and VTG 300R include sine waves, square waves, pink noise, white noise, polarity, and frequency sweep. Basic audio testing is helpful for loudspeaker calibration, frequency settings, distortion, and polarity verification in audio cabling.
  • 34 selectable output rates including high resolution computer-video, HDTV, and NTSC/PAL video Provides scan rates to support high resolution computer-video, HDTV, 16:9, plasma, RGB, as well as standard definition component video, S-video, and composite video.
  • Broadcast quality video encoder on composite and S-video outputs Ensures compliance with SMPTE and NTSC/PAL standards for accurate video performance.
  • Small, rugged enclosure with protective rubber boot
  • External international power supply included, part # 70-055-03