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Extron SW4 VGA Ars (60-258-22)

4:1 VGA and Stereo Audio Switcher
Auto/Manual/RS-232 Swtiching

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The SW VGA Series are VGA switchers with two, four, six, eight, or 12 inputs. They are designed for applications where multiple high resolution computer video or HDTV component video signals must be switched to one or two displays. The eight and 12 input SW VGA switchers offer dual buffered video and audio outputs, which eliminates the additional cost of a VGA and audio distribution amplifier for dual-display applications. The SW VGA Series switchers are ideal for small to mid-sized applications where high resolution switching is needed.

SW VGA Series switchers feature auto-input switching, input signal sensing, and active PC audio buffering. Auto-input switching automatically switches to the highest-numbered input with an active video signal eliminating the need for manual switching. Input signal sensing detects which inputs have an active input signal and sends this input confirmation through the RS-232 port to the control system. SW VGA switchers offer active PC audio buffering, which converts unbalanced PC audio to balanced, line level signals, eliminating noise over long cable runs. They accept PC audio on 3.5 mm mini stereo jacks for fast, easy connection with pre-terminated Extron VGA and audio cables. Balanced or unbalanced audio is outputted on captive screw connectors.

Control options for all SW VGA switchers include front panel, RS-232, and an optional Extron IR 102 handheld remote control. Two, four, and six input switchers in this series also feature contact closure remote control. All of the SW VGA models are housed in 1U, rack-mountable metal enclosures for easy integration into new or existing AV environments.

Extron SW4 VGA Ars Key Features

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